What Is So Special About Opal Pendant

The opal is a kind of the gem stone which is very much famous for its uniqueness. Not only people wear opal pendant but this is also used in several custom engagement rings. Opals are known for their unique color combinations and the pattern that the stone has. Not only has this amazing palate and the design patterns are the only thing which makes the opal this much attractive but there are many other interesting facts about the opals as well which attract people towards it. 

The people who are born in October, there birthstone is the opal. Opal is symbolized for hope and it is also been said that it is the stone which provides protection. It has been said that people who wear this stone are safe from all kind of damages and accidents. Due to this very reason the people like to gift the opal pendant Adelaide to their loved ones to represent their love and care for them and to keep them protected. 

Many people researched on the formation of the opal gemstone to find out how is this beautiful gemstone is created. Many researchers have agreed on the fact the opal is made from the rain. They say that when the rain falls on the stones it seeps in it and then the water is automatically dried and then the combination of the chemicals makes the unique colors which forms its unique colors and patterns. 

Another very interesting fact about the opal is this the only stone which is found on the Mars. The opal stone found on the mars is called the Martian opal. The opal has interesting story in the Greek history as well. The Greek name for the opal stone is the Opallios which originally means the color changing. The Greek history says that these stones were formed for the tears which were shed by the Greek God Zeus on the event when he defeated titans. Not only this, but the opal is said to have the powers of the prophets as well in the Greek history. Therefore, the people of the Greek made several jewels from these.

Because of these interesting facts, the opal is said to be precious stone and that these are used by many people. The Australia is one of those countries which manufactures around 95 percent of this opal stone. Since opal represents the hope, love and harmony therefore these are very much famous among people and people like to give these as the gifts. There are different proper jewellery store which produces the opal pendants and the various custom engagement rings.

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