Should Professionals Clean Your Rugs?

Carpets are probably present in most households, the difference being usually in the type of carpets that are being used. Some homeowners prefer to have large rugs over their regular flooring, whereas other homeowners prefer a carpet that covers the entirety of the floor. Each has different advantages over the other, but what does not change is that both need to be regularly cleaned for health concerns and aesthetic reasons as well. As you might have heard, many experts tend to recommend professional cleaning services when it comes to carpets – but should you, really? Here are some reasons why professional cleaning is the correct choice in this case:

  • Health concerns – couch cleaning and other upholstery cleaning Adelaide are recommended because uncleaned fabrics can easily become health hazards over time, and was mentioned above, the same applies to carpets and rugs. Allergens, pathogens and other unsanitary particulate matter can easily accumulate on carpets and rugs, making the need to regularly clean them ever so more important. Of course, health concerns are considerably more significant if there are young children or older individuals, as well as individuals with respiratory difficulties, in the home.
  • Tough stains – what if you stained your precious carpet or rug accidentally? Dabbing at the stain and scrubbing the offending spot can only do so much for you, especially if the liquid is a dark-hued one on a light-coloured rug. Hiring a professional as quickly as possible is the best course of action in this case – the sooner you do so, the better chance you have of completely removing the stain.
  • Pets – if you have pets that shed fur (the most obvious examples being cats and dogs) roaming about in your home, hiring a carpet cleaner regularly is important. This is not only because of the fur issue – and to be honest, there will probably be a significant amount of fur on your carpets if you do not clean them frequently – but also because pets can easily dirty a carpet or rug with their dirty paws or tendencies to drool and the like (vomiting and other behaviours are of course included!). Even a dark-coloured carpet won’t last long if you fail to clean it enough, so make sure you hire cleaners regularly.
  • Irregular cleaning schedules – and if you have not been regular with your cleaning, that is yet another reason to bring a professional in. Carpets and rugs are usually advised to be cleaned annually at the very least, and if more than a year has already passed since the last time you cleaned your carpets, you might want to ask a professional to do a deep cleaning of your carpets. Not only will your carpets come out of it much brighter than they were, but you will also considerably improve the air quality of your home. For more information, please log on to
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