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Monuments are a memory of your loved one who left you and went to another world. Graves are only token you have of the dead persons, and everyone wants to maintain it as long as he can. Many people went to their beloved ones grave whenever they feel low or miss them. It will give them a healing effect. A child who lost his parents in a car accident was in mental shock and his family was normalizing him by taking him to his parent’s graves frequently. To make him feel that they are still alive but, in another word, to make him feel that they are watching him and listening to him. Preserving, repairing and maintaining these memorable tokens of your loved one is important, and for best service and Stone Repair in Melbourne you should consider lodge bros because they are just amazing and fine in the work they provide. 

Stone repair  

Headstones are one of the main parts of any monument, they are sent into the ground and some are the concrete base but are very rare. Sometimes, the soil starts slipping due to which the Headstone starts moving from its correct place. Moreover, there is another case that the animal starts scratching the headstone due to which it is quite difficult to read out which person’s grave is this. Vandals are also a big problem for headstones, they push them very hard when they are trying to run away from police. These problems of headstones need to be fixed by repairing them. We are experts in handling such cases. 

Monument repair 

Modern monuments are made using two pieces of granite, one is used for creating an upper die portion and the other is used in creating Headstone. The die and base are set using monument compounds. The compound is very similar in texture to windows fixing putty or you may call it tough dough. The negative point is that it is not strong enough to provide structural support but used to fill void spaces. After some time, the granite start breaking because of certain reason and the top die need to be repaired. Consult lodge bros without any second thought. 

Sealing stone repair 

Although many things are used to prevent stealing the stone and to make it last longer and increase their durability. Olive oil, whale oil, and turpentine are just primary sources of preventing sealing stones from damage but meanwhile, they still get broken and need heavy maintenance. Lodge bros have dealt with many cases like are experts in handling issues like this. 

Stone infill 

In the process of conserving any gravestone, it is sometimes mandatory to replace stones with infill. It is a mix formula used to fill void gaps for more better joining of joints and blending of empty spaces with the rest architecture. When you are thinking to repair gravestone of your loved one it’s better to replace crumbling stones with infill.  stone-repair

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