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As the intended rider calls the car rental service provider he comes across a number of queries. The rental service provider would ask about the kind of car he needs and the cost that he can actually afford. The rental services have different cars to offer to their clients. If you are about to get the car from your chosen rental service provider then here are the top cars that can be the best choice for anyone seeking the rented car.

Nissan Versa
Few cars are meant especially for those who want to ride the most convenient in a reasonable rate. Nissan Versa qualifies for such kind of rides. The Versa Notes are readily available with the Perth airport car hire. These cars are highly appreciated for their transmission. Although these cars are not too sophisticated and lack the fuel efficiency and the latest entertainment system but still they can be rented in a very reasonable price.

Mitsubishi lancer
It is there in the car catalogues for over a decade now. It is a compact vehicle to carry the riders around in a rough and tough way. These cars are also not among the versatile and trendy vehicles but still they are compact and easy to afford. They make good choice for the rough roads.

Nissan Sentra
For those who love the BMW Nissan Sentra is the right option. It won’t be wrong to say that it is a compact Sedan that resembles the BMW but is less expensive and more affordable than the latter. If you are moving around alone or with few people then it is better to ride in this compact car.

Chrysler 200
Chrysler 200 falls under the category of the mid-sized cars. It might not match the efficiency of the 9 speed automatic engine cars but even with the 4 cylinder this works great. The wide exterior makes the car look big enough but the interior is in fact compact but still very comfortable.

Ford Taurus
It is considered as the most rented car not just in Australia but also in the entire world. It is also compact but very comfortable and easy to ride in all kinds of situations. The rider feels at home when out in the Ford Taurus.

Toyota 4Runner
It is the choice of those who love to ride in the rough and the rugged. The SUVs are a popular choice among the four-wheel drive lovers. The ride is not very smooth but still in the bumpy ride there is so much fun for the young riders.

These are just a few examples of the most favourite cars that are rented across the world. They have varying features that make them really special in all respects.

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