Before You Choose A House For Your Dog…

While opting for a dog house, you need to be really careful. The house you choose for him will decide his growth, health and wellbeing too. First of all know the breed of your dog and know their growth patterns, their behavior patterns and also the size variations from your vet at the initial stage. Then only you could go for a good dog house selection. In the perfect dog house for your dog, he should be able to move freely. He should be able to stand up without getting his head hit on the roof. Also, he should be able to sleep in any position freely in his house. By having a house like this, your dog will be able to spend his time there happily and leisurely. There are portable houses now and there are also houses with doghouse air conditioner installed in it. Especially, if you do have a Siberian husky, Great Pyrenees, St.Bernard, Bernese Mountain Dog or a pug with you as your pet dog, then air conditioning the dog house will be a must to consider.

What to consider when you are purchasing a dog house?

Generally dog houses are made of wood, plastic or tent products. Based on your preferences and the suitability of the outlook on the home’s appearance you may go for your decision of choice. But, as mentioned, keep the convenience and the comfort of the dog as the key concern. Whatever the material has been used to make the house, which should be durable too. And, when it comes to cleaning the dog houses, they need regular cleaning and the material should be fine with this purpose as well. Some materials can be allergic to some dogs at very rare occasions. So if you are going to have a dog house with some special material make sure you get the advice from the vet first. For better durability, you can try insulated dog houses, and for better convenience, especially to make things okay during adverse climate changes you can try dog houses with pet air conditioner also.

What are the key points to keep in mind?

First thing is about the size. You can’t always say the larger the better. It is not true. The size of the dog house should match the size of the dog, and some extra space added to it for his mobility and other facilities such as the food plates, drink bowls etc. You should also pay your attention on the ventilation of the dog houses, that there are enough holes for the ventilation, and not too many too.

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